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University of Cambridge

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Cambridge University, officially known as the University of Cambridge, is a renowned public research university located in Cambridge, England. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, founded in 1209.

With more than 18,000 students from all walks of life and all corners of the world, over 11,000 staff, 31 Colleges and 150 Departments, Faculties, Schools and other institutions, no two days are ever the same at the University of Cambridge.

The University is a confederation of Schools, Faculties, Departments and Colleges. The 31 Colleges are governed by their own statutes and regulations, but are integral to the make-up of the University.  As well as being a member of the University and of an academic Faculty/Department, our students also belong to a College community.

Welcome to Cambridge, home to more than 20,000 students from all walks of life and all corners of the world. Cambridge is rich in cultural diversity. You will find beautiful University and College buildings, museums and art galleries, extensive gardens and punts on the River Cam. A unique city centre small enough to explore on foot, and just a short walk from the train station.

Welcome to Cambridge!

University Analysis

Cambridge University is composed of over 100 academic departments organized into six schools, including Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, law, computer science, and more.

The university is known for its rigorous academic standards and emphasis on intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. It is highly respected for its teaching and research excellence, with faculty members who are leading experts in their respective fields. Cambridge has produced numerous Nobel laureates, Fields Medalists, Turing Award winners, and other distinguished scholars.

The university is structured into 31 autonomous colleges, each with its own history, character, and facilities. Students belong to one of these colleges, which provide accommodation, pastoral support, and social opportunities. College life is an integral part of the Cambridge experience, where students live, study, and interact with a diverse community of scholars from different backgrounds.

The city of Cambridge itself is famous for its stunning architecture, quaint streets, and rich cultural history. It has a vibrant academic community and a strong sense of tradition, with Cambridge University at the heart of its identity. The university’s iconic buildings and landmarks, such as King’s College Chapel, the Mathematical Bridge, and the Cavendish Laboratory, contribute to the city’s unique charm.

Cambridge University has a strong emphasis on research and innovation. Its faculty and students have been involved in groundbreaking discoveries and advancements across various fields, including science, technology, humanities, and social sciences. The university maintains numerous research institutes and centers where scholars collaborate on cutting-edge projects.

In terms of admissions, Cambridge has a highly competitive selection process. The university looks for academic excellence, intellectual potential, and a genuine passion for the chosen field of study. It is known for its small tutorial system, where students receive personalized attention from faculty members, engaging in close-knit discussions and debates.

Cambridge University has a diverse and dynamic student body, with students from around the world. The university promotes a multidisciplinary approach and encourages students to explore different areas of interest. It also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, societies, and cultural events.

Overall, Cambridge University’s rich history, academic prestige, and commitment to intellectual pursuit have solidified its reputation as a world-class institution. Its graduates have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields and have a significant impact on global society.

University of Cambridge

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