Choosing a College

College ranking goes beyond the raw ranking that we put forth. As a potential student, it is wise to look at ranking. Ranking is determined on many attributes of a University as well as overall public opinion. Ranking is an estimate only, a median value covering all departments, facilities, and teaching staff etc. We believe a University ranked in the top 100 is extraordinary and will pass its great reputation onto you through your resume. A college in the top 1000 is certainly good (Top 5% out of 25000 Colleges). That being said, there are other attributes that should be examined when choosing a college in addition to reputation.

1) Cost including financial aid.

2) Location – Most students want a location close to their parents home, but not too close. (2-4 hrs drive)

3) Social Aspects – What does the college offer in terms of fraternities, clubs, etc?

4) Sports – Either as a player or spectator.

4) Dining – Is dining formal or cafeteria style (and associated cost).

5) Accommodation – The place you will Call Home.

6) Campus Safety – Some colleges are safer than others. This should be a consideration.

For a complete list of possible attributes look here.


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