Top Universities in the World

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Top 10 universities in first column, Top 20 universities in second column.

1. Stanford11. Columbia
2. Harvard12. University of California Los Angeles
3. Cambridge13. Cornell
4. MIT14. John Hopkins
5. Oxford15. University College London
6. Princeton16. Swiss Federal
7. University of Chicago17. University of Pennsylvania
8. CalTech18. Imperial College London
9. University of California Berkeley19. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
10. Yale20. University of Toronto
Top Universities in the World

To choose a college based on ranking. Go to the first page ( and Choose University Ranking (right hand side of page in PC, or at the bottom in mobile). You can look at the top 50 Universities in the world individually or examine the top 100 Universities, or even the top 1000 universities in the world.

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We rank based on our internal ranking formula. Ranking is determined by many attributes of a college as well as public opinion. World ranking is an estimate only. We believe a school ranked in the top 500 is extraordinary and will pass its great reputation onto you.

Note that ranking appears beneath each individual college listing.

While a top ranked school will pass its great reputation onto you, a top college ranking does not necessarily reflect on the ability to provide quality courses in a given subject matter. Some Universities are strong in Research & Science whereas others may excel in Business. Programs at a given institution can vary greatly in quality and depend on the faculty and other factors, therefore, please do your research and pick your School & Program wisely.

It is not about the best school in the world, but rather the best school for you.

Some factors to consider include reputation, cost, location, programs etc. A local school will typically be lower cost than out of state/province or out of country. An out of country institution may charge as much as 10x the regular tuition fee.

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