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College Tiers (or University Tiers) are the individual college institution rankings grouped into levels based on a college’s ability to provide a quality education.  College Tiers are not tied to admission percentage or ivy league standing but rather on the expected overall quality of education delivered by an institution.

Within the tier one colleges (Top 50 institutions Globally), you will find globally recognized institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford, MIT, University of Toronto and the University of Cambridge. These universities are amongst those whom consistently rank the highest due to their exceptional academic and research reputations, faculty expertise, financial resources, facilities and their overall impact on the academic world.

Second tier colleges (Universities ranked 51-100), are institutions which are highly regarded, but do not consistently rank in the top 50 globally. Tier 3 colleges have achieved world rankings 101-500, and Tier 4 colleges have obtained rankings of 501-1000.

College Tiers 1-4 represent the top 4% of colleges on the planet. 96% of colleges do not make tier 1-4.

The perception of college tiers may differ based on specific academic or career goals. College tiers based on World University rankings are as tabled below. While we endeavor to provide an accurate rank for each college, the prospective student should do their due diligence and determine which college is best for them by researching universities individually (location, field of study, faculty, cost, faculty, facility etc.). Refer to Researching a College. for more information.

College TierCollege RankAnalogous MetalDiscussion
Tier 1 College1-50PlatinumTop University Tier. Typically difficult to attend, especially colleges which are small in large urban areas (high population density).
Tier 2 College51-100GoldColleges on the cusp of being a Tier 1 University. Typically difficult to attend, especially colleges which are small in large urban areas (high population density).
Tier 3 College101-500Silver Universities which are very good. A Tier 3 University should be evaluated by the prospective student prior to attending.
Tier 4 College501- 1000BronzeA Tier 4 University may have some great attributes and may provide a great education, but should be evaluated critically by the prospective student prior to attending.
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Notes of Interest

  1. College tier does not necessarily correlate with admission requirements. Some Tier 1 colleges have high admission rates (i.e. >40%).
  2. Some large colleges which are highly ranked may have difficulty filling enrollment vacancies.
  3. The number and quality of applicants varies on any given year for each institution.
  4. Easier admission to a given college does not necessarily correlate with ease of course material.
  5. College Ranking/Tier is a composite of college attributes and does not specifically reflect the ability of a college to provide programs in a specific discipline area.
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