Ranking Matters

Does University Rank Matter?

Getting your degree at a college/university with a high ranking will facilitate getting a job in a competitive market. In the competitive job market with all things being equal between candidates, employers will more often than not choose the “Brand Name Education”. It is good for the company hiring. Additionally there is a correlation between new grad salary and college ranking.

A high ranking college also increases your chance of getting a high quality education. It is acknowledged that university ranking is an estimate only and gives you a loose reference point for college viability. That being said, we believe a university ranked in the top 500 is extraordinary and will pass its great reputation onto you. Consider there are >25,000 education institutions around the world. Colleges ranked within the top 500 on this site are in the top 2% worldwide. Those ranked below 1000 are in the top 4% worldwide. Those in the top 25 are in the top 0.1% of all universities on the planet.

Do your Research when Choosing a College.

College Tiers

While a top ranked university will pass its great reputation onto you, a top university ranking does not necessarily reflect on a College’s ability to provide quality courses in a given subject matter. Some Universities are strong in Research & Science whereas others may excel in Business. College programs at a given University can vary greatly in quality and depend on the faculty and other factors, therefore, please do your research and pick your College & Program wisely. Ultimately, Choose the best institution for you. Your criteria may include distance to home, campus, Fraternities and sororities, ranking, Nobel prize winners on teaching staff etc.

See Research your Future.

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