7 Apr 2023

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The Rockefeller University

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While Rockefeller is actively dedicated to educating the next generation of scientists, biomedical research has remained at the center of the university’s mission. Like their predecessors early in the 20th century, some Rockefeller researchers have sought to solve urgent public health problems.

Rockefeller scientists:

  • discovered the dendritic cell, the sentinel of the immune system;
  • showed that an adult brain of a higher species can form new nerve cells;
  • identified a genetic defect associated with atherosclerosis, the leading cause of heart attacks in the U.S.;
  • discovered that chronic stress causes brain cells to shrink;
  • determined the chemical structure of antibodies;
  • pioneered the physiology and chemistry of vision;
  • located genes regulating the sleep/wake cycle; and
  • identified genes influencing obesity.

In the last decade alone, Rockefeller researchers have

  • uncovered the molecular basis of fragile X syndrome, the second leading cause of intellectual disability;
  • developed a powerful agent that can target and wipe out anthrax bacteria;
  • produced an infectious form of the hepatitis C virus in laboratory cultures of human cells, leading directly to three new classes of hepatitis C drugs;
  • showed that a normal strain of staph bacteria required only 90 days to mutate and gain antibiotic resistance;
  • discovered a new link between depression and serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates mood, sleep, and memory; and
  • imaged for the first time the birth of HIV particles in a living cell.


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