14 Aug 2023

European Ecole Normale Superieure – Paris - University Ranking

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Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris

University Description (Ranking at bottom)

At the pinnacle of French scientific excellence, (Ecole Normale Superieure – Paris) ENS is a prestigious teaching and research institution. Amongst its alumni are 12 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 French recipients of the Fields Medal and half of CNRS Gold Medal winners. Since its foundation in 1794, renowned intellectuals such as Évariste Galois, Louis Pasteur, Simone Weil, Paul Sabatier, Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu, Aimé Césaire or Serge Haroche have studied or taught at ENS. The École is the highest-rated French institution in international university rankings. The International Selection recruits outstanding candidates who are eager to be involved in a research-based academic curriculum.

Haut lieu de l’excellence scientifique française, l’École normale supérieure (ENS) est un établissement d’enseignement et de recherche prestigieux. Parmi ses anciens élèves, l’École compte les récipiendaires de 12 prix Nobel, des 10 médailles Fields françaises et de la moitié (27) des médailles d’or du CNRS. Depuis sa création en 1794, de grands intellectuels tels qu’Évariste Galois, Louis Pasteur, Simone Weil, Paul Sabatier, Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu, Aimé Césaire ou Serge Haroche y ont étudié ou enseigné. Elle apparaît aujourd’hui en tête des établissements français dans les classements internationaux. La Sélection internationale vise à recruter des candidats brillants, souhaitant s’investir dans un parcours de formation par la recherche.

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University Analysis

École normale supérieure (ENS), often referred to as ENS Paris or ENS Ulm, is a prestigious French higher education institution located in Paris. It was established in 1794 and is considered one of the most selective and prestigious universities in France. Here are some important details:

  1. Academic Programs: ENS offers programs in humanities and sciences. It covers a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, physics, computer science, philosophy, history, literature, linguistics, social sciences, economics, and more. ENS has a multidisciplinary approach, encouraging students to explore various fields of study.
  2. Selectivity and Excellence: The admissions process at ENS is highly competitive. Students are admitted through a rigorous entrance examination called the “Concours d’entrée”. The selection process looks for exceptional academic aptitude and creativity. ENS is renowned for attracting high-achieving students and scholars.
  3. Research: ENS has a strong emphasis on research. It is home to numerous research laboratories and institutes covering diverse disciplines. The institution fosters cutting-edge research and encourages interdisciplinary collaborations. ENS has produced several Nobel laureates and Fields medalists.
  4. Affiliation with Universities and Research Institutions: ENS is affiliated with several academic institutions in Paris, including the Sorbonne University, Paris-Saclay University, and PSL Research University. These partnerships provide students and faculty access to a wide range of resources, collaborations, and research opportunities.
  5. Notable Alumni and Faculty: ENS Paris has an impressive list of alumni and faculty members who have made significant contributions to various fields. Many renowned intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, writers, and politicians have studied or taught at ENS. Examples include philosophers Michel Foucault and Louis Althusser, mathematician Laurent Schwartz, and physicist Claude Cohen-Tannoudji.
  6. Campus and Facilities: ENS is located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, near the historic Sainte-Geneviève Library. It has a beautiful and historic campus with buildings dating back to the 18th century. The campus offers facilities like libraries, classrooms, research laboratories, and student accommodation.
  7. International Collaborations: ENS Paris has strong ties with academic institutions around the world. It participates in exchange programs, research collaborations, and joint degree programs, allowing students and faculty to engage in international academic exchanges and collaborations.
  8. Intellectual and Cultural Life: ENS fosters a rich intellectual and cultural environment. The institution hosts lectures, debates, seminars, and conferences, inviting renowned scholars and intellectuals from different fields. ENS also has libraries and archives that serve as invaluable resources for research and learning.

In summary, École normale supérieure Paris is a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence, selectivity, and intellectual rigor. It offers a wide range of programs in humanities and sciences. With its historic campus in the heart of Paris and its commitment to rigorous research and interdisciplinary education, ENS attracts top-tier students and faculty, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.

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Address: 45 Rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris, France
Phone: 33 1 44 32 35 79


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