7 Apr 2023

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University of Windsor

University Description (Ranking at bottom)

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive public research university located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1963 and has since grown into a renowned institution known for its diverse programs and strong connections to industry.

The University of Windsor has more than 16,000 students enrolled in a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including:

  • Law
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Human Kinetics
  • Social Work
  • Faculty of Art
  • Humanities
  • and Social Sciences

We have strong student-faculty relationships, exceptional award-winning faculty and innovative staff. It creates a unifying atmosphere of excellence across all of our faculties to encourage lifelong learning, teaching, research and discovery.

The University of Windsor also ushered in a new era in September 2015 with the opening of classes at the first phase of its downtown campus in the heart of Windsor’s core. The new building—which retains the historic facade of the former Windsor Star newspaper building—houses the School of Social Work and Continuing Education.

The second phase of the downtown campus includes the School of Creative Arts, located in the century-old site of the Windsor Armouries and the Alan Wildeman Centre for Creative Arts.

The World at UWindsor

University Analysis

The University of Windsor offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various faculties, including Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Science, Nursing, Education, Law, Business, and Human Kinetics. The university emphasizes experiential and hands-on learning, providing students with practical skills that can be directly applied to their future careers.

The university’s Odette School of Business is particularly notable and has received international recognition for its business programs. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various business disciplines, including accounting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to its academic offerings, the University of Windsor is known for its strong research focus. It has numerous research centers and institutes dedicated to various fields, including automotive engineering, environmental sustainability, social justice, health sciences, and advanced manufacturing. The university actively encourages faculty and students to engage in research and innovation.

The University of Windsor prides itself on its close ties to industry and the local community. Its location in Windsor, Ontario, provides students with unique opportunities for internships, co-op placements, and cooperative education programs. Many students have the chance to work alongside professionals in their chosen fields, gaining valuable real-world experience during their studies.

The university also benefits from its proximity to the United States, with the city of Detroit just across the border. This geographical advantage opens doors for collaborative research projects, cross-border initiatives, and student exchange programs.

The University of Windsor prioritizes creating an inclusive and supportive campus environment. It offers a range of resources and services for students, including counseling, academic support, and career development. The university also has a vibrant campus life, with numerous student clubs, cultural events, and athletics. The Lancers, the university’s athletic teams, participate in various sports and compete in the Ontario University Athletics conference.

Furthermore, the University of Windsor is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It has implemented several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, increase recycling and waste reduction efforts, and promote a greener campus.

Overall, the University of Windsor is a reputable institution known for its diverse academic programs, strong industry connections, and commitment to research and innovation. Its emphasis on experiential learning, supportive campus environment, and dedication to sustainability make it an attractive choice for students seeking a well-rounded education.

Address and Contact Information

University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave
Windsor Ontario, Canada  N9B 3P4
Telephone: 519-253-3000
Admissions: 519-253-3000 ext 3315
Fax: 519-971-3653

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