17 Dec 2022

European University of Manchester

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University of Manchester

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At Manchester, we work closely with organizations ranging from government bodies to global businesses, from local health services to registered charities. These connections give our research programs greater, more immediate impact. We turn enthusiasm into achievement and groundbreaking theory into cutting-edge practice. You’ll quickly develop skills, knowledge and experience that will make employers sit up and listen. Manchester is the birthplace of nuclear physics, where Ernest Rutherford first split the atom. The world’s first stored-program computer was developed here, and Alan Turing pioneered artificial intelligence during his time at the University. Our observatory at Jodrell Bank is home to the iconic Lovell Telescope – the biggest telescope of its type in the world when it was built. Fittingly, Jodrell Bank will be the central control hub for the world’s largest radio telescope, the Square Kilometer Array.

The economist William Arthur Lewis published his most influential works while at Manchester. And Christabel Pankhurst, a Manchester law graduate unable to enter the profession on account of her sex, became one of the suffragette movement’s most committed campaigners.

With a postgraduate degree from The University of Manchester you’ll become part of this distinguished club, whose collective achievements have shaped the history of the modern world.

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